Our team of photographers really is amazing. Today we want to brag a little on Kera. I asked her for a few words when thinking back on her beautiful maternity session with Sara and Ryan, and she sent me an entire blog post! Done! So enjoy this heartfelt, tender, love-filled shoot.

“What amazes me so much about this shoot is how much Sara put into it. She researched looks, deliberated over locations, renovated her house…. Ok, that might not have been just for the shoot but it didn’t hurt. I’m not saying you shouldn’t renovate your house just for an in-home photoshoot, but one or two rooms will do just fine as well!

When I think back to the shoot, it was the first frost of the year in October. Sara powered through the apprehension of enduring the chill in a sundress and sandals. Rarely will the climate be comfortable for an entire shoot. Today was no exception, but Sara was able to push thoughts of the cold from her mind and take time to be photographed.

Ryan was a big help with our starting location, Innes Wood Metropark. Although Sara and I were hoping for a lake and a few canoes, we found ourselves pretty happy with the landscape, rod iron gates and sloping fields of glittering grass.

The flower crown Sara made for the shoot the day before. Which ended up working very well for the pictures.

Another thing I’m grateful for about their shoot is how Ryan and Sara were both into it and we worked together to make the images. We discussed ideas and when it came time to shoot they had fun with it.

Our second location was their house. Fortunately, the two finished rooms in their house were gorgeous. The Nursery and master bedroom. Sara let me move furniture and furnishings around to get the most out of the light. They were both willing to try anything and really be in the moment.”

special thanks to Fillyboo for the hand embroidered dress!