This in home session will give you all the feels. Ask me for a reason why being a photographer means so much… this session would be my answer. It is about the relationships we develop, the friends we make along the way, and the memories we share with two people, who become three people, who sometimes become five! I’ve journeyed alongside Rachelle and Pat for a few years, since before their wedding. From the very first moment we met to discuss wedding planning at the Bourgeois Pig Cafe I’ve enjoyed these two. Their zest for life, their fun-loving attitudes, and their “go with the flow” mentality made them my favorites right away!

Jump ahead two years and they have the most amazing house in the cutest neighborhood, and they are on their way to having a baby! Documenting life’s precious moments is not fulfilling, it is defining. It reflects my “WHY”. My reason for picking up my camera every day.

This lovely in home session is both intimate and playful, full of life and laughter.