A photography House where your story is told with delicate care, intentionality, and modern creativity. imagine Morgan Freeman is your narrator. It is kind of like that.

Our photographers

One common thread that connects each of our photographers is the deep appreciation for quality, originality, and the expression of true joy. Our team has developed over time, each artist chosen first and foremost because they fit perfectly with our philosophy and approach to photographing weddings. It is easy to find good photographers, it is extremely challenging to find one that aligns with your ideals, treats every person like they are besties, and also creates awesome images. 

But we did it!

That is what makes C&Co unique. We are a band of misfits, friends, siblings, coworkers, striving to be the best at our craft and having a blast along the way. We are photographers, but we prefer to be called storytellers because your adventure is not able to be told in one photo. It’s a story, woven together over time, and deserves to be documented by someone that will create images worth cherishing for generations.


Choose your flavor and check out each portfolio

"If you want lasting, timeless memories from your big day, I assure you The Carrs will capture it beautifully, without you even knowing they are there. I want them to photograph my whole life as I live it! Their team will forever be special to me.”

Katy & Terry